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Feel Good Smoothie


I’ve been really enjoying this delicious smoothie on holiday, especially after a quick yoga session and a dip in the pool! The colour is amazing, thanks to the spinach. It not only looks good but also packs in an early dose of vegetable into your day! Actually you can’t taste the spinach but its great for all the nutrients its supplies! Use the ripest melon you can find for a really full summer flavour. The seeds add good fats and the cashew nut butter increases the protein level further, keeping you fuller longer and also help to make a deliciously creamy smoothie. You could also try coconut water instead of water for extra great flavour.

I’m going to make this whenever I feel like a pick me up or quick breakfast. It would also be great to take out on the move or as a post workout snack! I bought my Nutribullet away with me which whizzes everything up so smooth. If you don’t have once you could use a blender but maybe try the milled flax (hemp) seeds instead of whole hemp seeds.

You only need a few ingredients which you can blend to your own taste. I used;

1 large ripe banana

a large wedge of ripe Cantaloup melon

a generous handful of baby spinach

2tsp hemp seeds

2tsp chia seeds

1tbsp cashew nut butter


Peel the banana and skin the melon, roughly chop and place in the blender with the remaining ingredients, 3 or 4 ice cubes and about half a pint of chilled water. Blend until smooth.

I made this as a generous serving for one person but it could happily be shared too!

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