Let me introduce myself!

I often shy away from writing ‘about me’ pages but I have to admit I do enjoy reading about the route people have taken through life and career choices so I guess there’s no avoiding it, its now my turn!!

I left school at 18 and trained to be a Home Economist which led to an exciting role in the cookery department of Good Housekeeping Magazine where I spent about 4 years writing and testing recipe features (humous was the new buzz food back then!) and working with photographers to produce the sumptuous pictures on the pages of the magazine.  Then followed a couple of years as Cookery Editor on Prima Magazine.  At the ripe old age of 26 and always looking for the next challenge I moved on and became a Freelance Home Economist, writing a book as well as writing and shooting features for other magazines and PR companies.

After getting married, travelling and eating my way around the world, I settled in the West Country.  Two children, quite a few house moves, renovations and a complete new build later I decided I’d like to learn a new skill and enrolled on local courses learning to design and make jewellery. I still design and make pieces and have work in local galleries and exhibit at my local art trail.  Check out my website at  http://www.sarahmccurdie.co.uk

So as well as the jewellery I’ve decided to start this blog.  I’ve rekindled my passion for food and I’m finding it fascinating to see how the focus has changed over the years.  We’re seeing more and more people suffer with food allergies and sensitivities.  Gluten is a problem for me as close family have been diagnosed coeliac and I have a heightened gluten sensitivity.  These factors have led me to review what I thought was quite a healthy diet and address some of the areas I think may help improve my wellbeing.  This blog is to record and share some of the findings in the hope that some of my ideas may help others who are looking to make some positive changes to their diet too.  I’m keen to explore exciting healthy food combinations and get back to enjoying delicious nutritious food.  A good friend said; try and follow the 80:20 principle.  80% healthy 20% treats   That sounds pretty good to me, so I’ll still be having the odd glass of wine whilst trying to avoid refined sugar!!

I’m excited to be able to put this together so I hope you’ll all enjoy following to see what happens along the way!

Sarah x

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