My Favourite Equipment

Please keep checking back as I add more information to these pages.

SPIRALIZER.    I was given this little gadget which is a bit like a double sided pencil sharpener!  You twist in the vegetable to be spiralled much like sharpening a pencil and out come these amazing long noodles.  It then becomes a challenge to make the longest noodle you can! I’ve tried both courgette and carrot and they work brilliantly.  If I was making noodles for more than 3 or 4 people I think I’d like a slightly more efficient method, but this is simple to use, doesn’t take long to wash up and also doesn’t take up much storage space, a definite bonus!  Just watch your fingers in the blades as the vegetables get smaller, I find it easier to use a fork rather than the end provided! If you find it hard to make a turning motion with your hand then I’m afraid I probably wouldn’t recommend this one to you.

I’m yet to try any other vegetables but will update this post when I have!

Sadly the one I’ve got doesn’t seem to be available in the UK anymore, however there seem to be many similar versions available now.




I love my Nutribullet, its great for whizzing up a quick smoothie for breakfast, after a run or for a nutrient packed lunch. All the family have a lot of fun making their own smoothie concoctions too, the only warning it should come with, is that you’ll get through an awful lot of fruit! Adding vegetables and seeds to the smoothie is fantastic and couldn’t be easier as seeds are blended to a really smooth consistency. I’ve also made guacamole and tomato salsa in the small cup. It saves a lot of chopping and can be whizzed up instantly.

There are different power machines available, I have the slighty more powerful 900 as I wanted to use lots of seeds and nuts in my smoothies, plus it comes with a larger cup which is great for family sized smoothies. You’ll find my recipes in the Smoothie section on my blog.

Here’s a link to the Nutribullet 900

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