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Exciting News!

I’ve always been interested in nutrition and healthy eating and since starting this blog my interest has doubled! It’s quite a few years since I studied basic nutrition and over recent years there have been massive advances in knowledge and understanding of how nutrients work in the body, their role and benefits. I’ve been really keen to add more in depth nutrition and health information to some of my recipe posts, but if I’m going to talk knowledgeably I decided I should update and improve my understanding so I can confidently write posts that share this useful information with you!


So…..I’ve signed up to do a Diploma in Culinary Medicine. The course is written by Dale Pinnock, you may know him as the Medicinal Chef, who has written numerous cookery books, articles in magazines and newspapers and he also features regularly on television sharing his extensive knowledge on nutrition and health. I shall be ‘studying modules which have been designed to address the most important areas of diet and health in the modern World today’. I’ll also be creating recipes around the science I learn and I hope to share these on the blog with you too!

If anyone else is interested in taking a look at the course then click this link to The School of Culinary Medicine website to find out more information.


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