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Speedy Salmon Parcels


These salmon parcels make a great family meal. Cooking in a parcel allows the fish and vegetables to gently steam, locking in all the delicious flavours and nutrients. The fish cooks to the point where it will just begin to fall away in lovely big flakes minimising the risk of overcooking.

Seasoned with ginger, lemon and tamari, these were a hit with the family. Some went for the chilli, others decided not to eat it but I’d suggest cooking them in the parcel as it adds a little extra flavour. These would also make a perfect quick lunch. I’ve given enough ingredients to make 4 parcels but the recipe is very easy to adjust to make as many parcels as you like.

about 200g carrots

about 200g courgette

Four 150g pieces salmon fillet, skinned

sushi pickled ginger

1 red chilli

4tsp lemon juice

2tsp tamari

salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 190ºC. Tear four large sheets of foil, each about 35cm square.

Peel the carrots, cut the ends off the courgettes IMG_4835and spiralize into noodles. (see hint at end) Place a quarter of the vegetables in a small mound in the centre of each foil square.

Skin the salmon and place on top of the vegetables. Cover each fillet with the wafer thin slices of sushi ginger to cover. Thinly slice the red chilli and place two pieces on top of each piece of fish.

Spoon a teaspoon of lemon juice and half a IMG_4838teaspoon of tamari over each piece of salmon and season well with a little salt and plenty of black pepper.

Fold each parcel up to enclose the filling, folding over the top and sides to make sure each parcel is sealed well so the juices can’t escape. Place them on a baking sheet.

Cook for 15 minutes until the salmon is just cooked through. You could serve these in the parcel or gently tear the foil and slide the contents and any juices onto a warmed plate.

The salmon parcels are delicious served with brown rice, although my family love pesto rice and thats great with it too! Add some steamed tenderstem broccoli and you’ve got an amazing meal.


Tamari is a Japanese gluten free soy sauce which has a delcious flavour similar to soy sauce but slightly richer and not so harsh, in fact I prefer it to soy sauce. It’s available in supermarkets and health food shops. If you haven’t got any try using a light soy sauce instead.

Sushi pickled ginger is wafer thin slices of ginger marinated in vinegar and sugar and is available in most supermarkets in sachets or jars, usually in the Oriental food section.

Click here to take a look at the spiralizer I use for the vegetables. If you haven’t got one, then finely shred your vegetables into very thin pieces, they need to be thin to allow them to cook in such a short time. It may take a little longer but it’s worth it!

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