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Hello and welcome to Sarah’s Healthy Appetite!

My favourite recipes and foodie finds!

Thanks for taking a look at my blog.  I’d love you to be a guest in my kitchen and I’ll share the discoveries I make with you, recipes I write that get the family thumbs up as well as my exploration into healthy options for all. You’ll find posts on a mixture of recipes, food, drink and restaurant discoveries, the products and ingredients I find and just feel the need to share!

IMG_0022Years ago I wrote recipes for magazines and cookery books but since having a family have slipped into a rather limited number of dishes I cook that I know will be met with enthusiasm! Gone are the days when I’d open the fridge and just create whatever I fancied for supper from the ingredients inside, far too risky with small mouths to feed! However my little ones are grown up and its exciting to see them embracing new flavours and experiences. I’ve decided to write this blog as a record of new discoveries and hope that some of my ideas may well help others to introduce a fresh spark into their meals. We have so many pressures in everyday life that it’s so easy to lose the focus on good healthy eating. Our bodies crave foods that are nutrient rich, natural and fresh but its all too easy to reach for a quick fix. I’m trying to discover how I can make good meals for us all without impacting massively on the time available to shop, prepare and eat as well as reducing sugar and wheat in the dishes I cook.  I’m hoping this can be a fun way to discover the happy balance of health and wellbeing and with plenty of healthy treats thrown in too!  I hope you enjoy what you read and maybe try out some of the recipes too!

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